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The TurningTalk Library – No Shhhh-ing Involved

During the numerous initial discussions of “What do we do first?” in TurningTalk, one concept always rose to the top of the list – provide a library of resources for users. Between our user conferences, tradeshow events, or on-site visits, users were always interested in learning more – past and current research, other successful ways to use student response systems, strategies, content... Like everyone else now connected to the information superhighway, our users wanted to gather as much information as possible.

So we’ve started to build The Library where users will find links to research, best practices, news articles and of course some of our users blogs! This collection is in its infancy, but with your help it will continue to grow rapidly. If you have a site, a blog, an online resource you believe might help other student response users please let us know, and we’ll try to get it in The Library.

The best part is...there’s no need to tip-toe around!



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