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TurningPoint AnyWhere 2.0

Woo-hoo!  If you haven't heard yet, TurningPoint AnyWhere 2.0 is available for download for both Mac and PC.  It has a variety of new updates/enhancements, and the interface really looks great.

  • Question Lists - Create and store interactive questions in advance.
  • Dynamic Charts - Real-time results during polling.
  • Screen Shot Report - Automatic screen shots capture question content in other digital applications and correlate results on a question-by-question basis.
  • Enhanced ResponseWare Support -Students can respond to interactive polling questions using their web-enabled devices including iPod touch®, iPhone™, BlackBerry® smartphones, laptops, or desktop computers.

If you aren't familiar with our TurningPoint AnyWhere software, it allows you to present interactive questions using any digital content you choose:  Word, Excel, Mac Keynote, web pages, pdf documents, multimedia, etc.  For more info, check out the TurningPoint AnyWhere product pages.

Let us know what you think!


export to Excel a new feature in TPA 2.0

You're quite right.  Export to .CSV does enable opening in Excel, and this is an option for both the Mac and PC versions, I notice.  I missed that option because it turned out I was still working with the old version of TPA, not 2.0.  My apologies!  I suppose it is also worth mentioning that one can export grades directly into WebCT or Blackboard gradebooks.  As you've also noted, the Question List editor is a useful feature that makes PowerPoint access unnecessary.  This is especially critical to Mac users, locked out of PowerPoint use for the time being, whose approach to polling required use of a text editor.   In any case, I would continue to emphasize these new features in the new version, as you're already doing in this blog, perhaps with a series of focused blogs on selected new features. 

TP AnyWhere doesn't have a mechanism for exporting grades

As a Mac user, frustrated that TP for Mac does not yet work with the most current version of Mac Office, and thus constrained to use it on a PC, I was looking forward to the new update to TP AnyWhere for Mac.  However, the new version lacks a very basic mechanism for exporting scores and/or grades to a spreadsheet like Excel.  All it can generate are reports.  Actually, this is true for the PC version, too.  Perhaps this is not a problem for others, but for me and my colleagues, this makes both versions of TP AnyWhere basically useless, and leaves Mac users without any version of TP that will both collect and export grades from clicker sessions.  I'd be interested to hear how other Mac users are coping with this restriction.  Or perhaps to correct my understanding about the functionality of the software for Mac use.  Moreover, how will PC users be making use of the scores and/or grades generated by polling with TP AnyWhere for PC?


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