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My limited uses are growing

So I've been wondering how to catalog what I've been using this technology to accomplish and thought I'd put a couple here:

-norming papers with faculty. We used an assignment and several previous submissions of different quality, using clickers we solicited responses on different parts of a rubric to obtain consensus and more importantly we discussed what and why things were important to the success of the learning.

-collecting demographic and survey data for class pilot studies; great for collecting multiple sesions and easy to combine afterwards



More outside of classroom uses that may intrigue you

- Admissions. The tour guides can use the ResponseCard Anywhere while they are taking the students and parents around the campus.  They can ask fun fact questions for the audience as well as collect marketing information that the admissions office can use for statistical analysis.  The use of the clickers could be a way to differentiate your school from other campuses they are visiting.

- Orientations.  Gathering information and confirming understand for both future student sessions and parent sessions.  Introduces the technology to the students and parents, helping to create the culture and expectation of clicker use on your campus.

- Student Government or Faculty Board voting

- Housing and Resident Assistant training

- Alcohol and drug awareness classes.  This will let student honestly share their beliefs and practices in an anonymous, safe environment.


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