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My Current Research

Here are a few areas I am actively researching...please post any opinions, data, literature etc that can contribute to this research.

  • Student Response Systems Gender Study
  • Grade Level and impact of Student Response Systems
  • Response Time and Student Response Systems

Also post if you are conducting research that this group can help you with.


response times and disability issues

In assessing response times, have you had or heard of anyone with a disbaility asking for more time to respond with clickers?  If a person does not process as fast or relies on an interpreter to read a question, how would you suggest handling this in a class?

Response to disability issue

That is a great question and yes I have had this situation occur a few times. We have accomodated the students in a few different ways. In one case we printed the test for the student and used the ResponseCard XR in a self paced mode. In another case we had the interpreter administer the TurningPoint presentation individually with the student. We have also had great success using the ResponseWare app on an iPod touch with a homebound student. She has been able to participate synchronously with the class from her home. I would love to hear from others who are using our products as assistive technologies. Thanks for your question!


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