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Disrupting Class with the iPod Touch

Clayton Christensen's book "Disrupting Class" is a call to action for educators to use technologies in innovative ways in order to customize their teaching to meet the needs of the students. Clearly the implementation of iPod Touches or iPhones can offer K-20 an innovative tool for disrupting the norms of education.

Many of the schools piloting iPod touches in the classroom are looking for guidance as to the best educational Apps to include in the initial launch of their programs. Turning Technologies app, ResponseWare, has become a favorite for educators launching iPod touches and iPhones in K20. ResponseWare enables mobile learning - creating the ability for students to respond to interactive questions both inside and outside of the classroom.

In a recent post to The Salt Box, one educator posted the following challenge regarding the implementation of iPod Touches/ iPhones in the classroom:

What kinds of things would you like to see in the class?  What kinds of information would be useful to you in persuading colleagues to adopt the iPod Touch?  What might you do to make the experiment a helpful one for everyone?

What are your thoughts and ideas for this challenge?




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