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Proven Strategies to Increase Student Achievement

Spring 09 Webinar:

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Dr. Tina Sartori: Proven Strategies to Increase Student Achievement

April 28, 2009

My Current Research

Here are a few areas I am actively researching...please post any opinions, data, literature etc that can contribute to this research.

  • Student Response Systems Gender Study
  • Grade Level and impact of Student Response Systems
  • Response Time and Student Response Systems

Also post if you are conducting research that this group can help you with.

The TurningTalk Library – No Shhhh-ing Involved

During the numerous initial discussions of “What do we do first?” in TurningTalk, one concept always rose to the top of the list – provide a library of resources for users. Between our user conferences, tradeshow events, or on-site visits, users were always interested in learning more – past and current research, other successful ways to use student response systems, strategies, content... Like everyone else now connected to the information superhighway, our users wanted to gather as much information as possible.

The Library

TurningTalk Resource Library - Research, Case Studies, Articles, BlogsLooking for research, articles, or additional links related to Turning Technologies products and services? The Library will have what your looking for. Discover how response technology has been proven to enhance the classroom environment, engage students in active learning and increase student achievement.

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