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Find Funding in Your State

Find your state's recently released allocations for ESEA Title I Grants to LEAs, IDEA Parts B and C, Rehabilitation Act State Grants, Independent Living State Grants, and Services for Older Individuals Who Are Blind, as well as your school district's allocations for Title I, Part A, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

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Using the Participant Monitor During a Student Session

Many teachers value the ability to monitor how well the students are doing during a session; however, do not want the students to be able to view each others results. The best way to accomplish both is through the use of dual screens and the participant  monitor.

Attached is a guide to setting your computer and projector as dual monitors which will allow you to project the ppt through the projector and view the participant monitor only on the teacher computer.

Top Fifty Free Edugames

I thought many of our users may enjoy my top fifty free Edugames PowerPoint. User our TurningPoint Anywhere Toolbar to transform these games into exceptional learning tools for whole class activities. Click the following link to access the PowerPoint http://www.box.net/shared/static/gr4hfgo9bv.pptx

Support EETT Funding

The Ed Tech Action Network is providing an easy way to support EETT funding which congress is about to cut by 63%. Use the following link to send a pre-composed email to your senator. The name and email of you senators will be provided after entering your contact information.


Edugaming Resources

Turning Technologies is hosting an Edugaming Workshop July 21st in Orlando, Florida (Click here for more information). As I am preparing for this workshop, I thought many of our users may be interested in the free educational games we will be discussing during this workshop. I will begin by posting one of my favorite free games, Timez Attack.

NECC: National Educational Technology Plan

I had the honor of participating in a Leadership Symposium to discuss building a National Educational Technology Plan during the NECC conference. The basic structure for this plan was developed collaborative during our session and is available at edtechfuture.org/ and is open for all to join and participate in the process. Please join this site and have a voice in shaping our National Educational Technology Plan.

NECC 2009 Washington DC

Today is the start of the NECC Conference in DC. This conference has traditionally been an excellent source of innovative ideas and forward thinking. I will be blogging daily during this conference to share my experience during this conference.

I will be presenting twice, Serious Games with Serious Results with Chris Dede and The Power of the Student Response System. Look for my conference presentation materials in our forum.


Disrupting Class with the iPod Touch

Clayton Christensen's book "Disrupting Class" is a call to action for educators to use technologies in innovative ways in order to customize their teaching to meet the needs of the students. Clearly the implementation of iPod Touches or iPhones can offer K-20 an innovative tool for disrupting the norms of education.

My Current Research

Here are a few areas I am actively researching...please post any opinions, data, literature etc that can contribute to this research.

  • Student Response Systems Gender Study
  • Grade Level and impact of Student Response Systems
  • Response Time and Student Response Systems

Also post if you are conducting research that this group can help you with.

All Questions are not Created Equal: Writing the Stem

I thought a few suggestions on creating quality multiple choice questions that assess for learning could be useful with our TurningPoint products. I will post these in several parts based on the elements of a multiple choice question. Let's start with some common terminology:

Stem: the question or part to which the student should respond

Options: answer choices

Distractors: incorrect options

Key: correct option

Here are a few best practices for writing the stem:

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