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Creating Participant Lists for Multiple Classes

For some of us the school year has already started and others the school year is just beginning. I really encourage users to start using participant lists as soon as they are comfortable with basic polling. This way you'll be able to track data and progress over time, from the beginning to the end of the school year. For those of you that have more than one class, consider this little trick for creating rosters without having to hand enter the device ID's for each class.

Using Peer Instruction in K-12

Years ago I was a kindergarten teacher.  I loved to hear my students discuss their answers and ideas with each other.  However sometimes a simple direction like "discuss your answer with a neighbor", can lead to off task behavior.  Attached are some templates I created to help guide the discussion part of Peer Instruction (P.I.) with k-12 students.  If you try P.I. and use these templates, please provide any feedback so I can improve them for other users.

Planning for Fall

Even though it is summer, it's never too early to start thinking about the new school year.  We all know what the first week back for is really like.  So if you have a few minutes this summer try creating some TurningPoint PPT's or you can also use the new Question List feature in TurningPoint AnyWhere 2.0!

Here are just a few ideas for using clickers at the beginning of the school year:

-Getting to know you questions

-Class rule review game

-Clicker introduction/orientation

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