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Happy Friday Everyone! We're in the home stretch to the National User Conference at UNLV. I've been working on this event for several months now and am excited to see everything finally come to fruition. While I know not everyone is able to attend the conference, I wanted to make sure those individuals could still get a taste for what our User Conferences are all about. Throughout the conference, I will be "tweeting"updates and hopefully start discussions about everything that is going on.

User Conference Registration is Open

Registration for the upcoming Turning Technologies User Conference hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas is now OPEN!

Reserve your spot today! Find out complete conference details, accommodation information and register today.


Upcoming National User Conference for Higher Education

Hello Everyone! Exciting news! We are in the final planning stages of our upcoming National User Conference. "Where is it at?" you ask. . . . FABULOUS Las Vegas! Hosted by the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, this conference is surely one you won't want to miss. Mark your calendars. The 2-day conference begins October 12-13, 2009. We also will be offering a Pre-Conference Training Day on October 11 for those seeking hands-on, half-day trainings on our products.

5 Steps to Improving Teaching

It's been really busy at work lately and it's getting late so I am going to make this post a quick one. I came across this well written article that discusses 5 Steps to Improving Teaching. I actually forwarded it onto one of my old teachers I still keep in contact with and she commented on how much she liked it. So I wanted to pass it onto all of you. http://www2.csusm.edu/fc/teachingandlearningf...

K-12 Educational Gaming

Alright, so my last posting offered up some ideas for the higher ed readers. This time its all about my K-12 followers. With the weather warming up in most areas of the country, I bet you are starting to have problems keeping students attention. I'm not too sure what it is, but I went through the same thing. As soon as the weather starts to warm up, kids have a one-track mind and can only think about the next time they are going to go outside, or what kind of after school activity they have that evening. So how do you keep their minds where they need to be - in the classroom?

Higher Education Blog to Check Out

So in my recent surfing of the internet, I came across an interesting blog post I think all you Higher Education professors, instructors, IT professionals (I feel like an actor on Oscar night, accepting my award and not wanting to leave anyone out) and everyone else, you know who you are, might enjoy. It is from Dr. Derek Bruff a noted professor and student response enthusiast. He reveals to his readers a very interesting way he gathers questions from his students which he then uses as clicker questions. Check it out here http://derekbruff.com/teachingwithcrs/

My First Blog

Hello World! Welcome to my blog and most importantly, my very first blog. I hope I will be able to provide you, my readers with interesting information and facts about classroom technology, classroom improvement, student response technology and of course Turning Technologies. While my focus will be on these topics, knowing me (which I hope you come to do over time) I will most likely go off topic every once and awhile to discuss other issues on my mind. So I hope you will find this blog to be both beneficial to you and enjoyable to read. I know I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts.

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